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A Furry Tail Come True

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Playtime and boarding Requirments

At A Furry Tail Come True, we emphasize group play and group dog boarding. It is essential that all of the dogs we take on meet our requirements.

Your dog(s) must be able to get along well with others in a multi dog, group setting, they must meet our medical requirements, and they must be spayed or neutered if 9 months of age or older (special exceptions may be made for XL breed dogs, older dogs etc.) Please call to speak with a staff member if you have any questions.

Once you meet those requirements, we can then set up an evaluation to ensure that they are able to get along well with others. Please make sure that your dog(s) meet all  requirements and that you have filled out all paperwork (at the bottom of this page) BEFORE CALLING US TO SET UP THEIR evaluation.

Medical Requirements:

  • Before we can evaluate your dogs, they MUST be up to date for at least two weeks on all of the following shots:
    • Rabies (all dogs and puppies 3 months and older)
    • Parvo/Distemper
    • Bordetella
    • Canine Influenza: This shot is recommended, but not required.
  • In addition to being properly immunized, your dogs must also be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age in order to attend dog day care or overnight boarding with us.
  • All dogs must be in good health
  • All dogs must be protected and free of fleas and ticks

Paperwork requirements:

  • To get started, please head to the bottom of this page and fill out our Parent Contact and Dog Profile forms. Once you hit submit, the forms come right over to us. After filling out the forms, PLEASE GIVE YOUR CHOSEN FACILITY A CALL TO SET UP AN EVALUATION. WE DO NOT CALL YOU TO SET UP THE EVALUATION, IT IS UP TO YOU TO CALL US.
  • Hellertown – 610-838-6638   Nazareth – 610-365-2280
  • Please bring  up-to-date shot record from your vet when you bring your dog(s) in for the evaluation that proves the following shots
    • Rabies (all dogs and puppies 3 months and older)
    • Parvo/Distemper
    • Bordetella
    • Canine Influenza: Recommended, but not required 
    • You can also have your Vet fax your shot records to Nazareth – 610-365-2290 or Hellertown – 484-851-3773
    • If you are a new client having records faxed over, please have them add your evaluation date and time to the top of the records before faxing.

What People are saying

"Jessica and Anthony and their staff run a top notch doggy daycare. As a responsible pet owner, we researched our pet care options and found them to be outstanding in all areas. Our dog has special needs (he is deaf and partially blind). We were very concerned about how he would do in this type of environment. Since the facility is covered with video cameras, I can at all time, view my dog and what he is doing and how he is being treated. This gives a pet owner the ultimate confidence. Thank you for the services you offer. You treat my dog just as I would in my own home! You guys are the best!!!!!"

Ricahrd Fischl

"We drive over an hour to have them care for our Boston. That's all you need to know. This facility and its employees are amazing. You can tell they truly care for the animals and they love their job. Highly recommend."

Thai Pham - Local Guide on Google

"This place is great! My dog, Rebel loves going and comes home happy and tuckered out! He has so much fun! The staff is absolutely fantastic and the owners, Jessica and Anthony are beyond incredible. The facility is clean, safe and immaculate... all of the dogs have such a great time! I love how you can watch the cameras and check in on your pooch during the day. It makes me so happy to see Rebel is having a ball!!!!!! Thanks for a great facility and all of the utmost care you and your staff brings! :-)"

Kristen Trexlar

"I love A Furry Tail, but more importantly so does my dog!! When we pull into their driveway, he immediately perks up because he knows he going to see all of his friends (his dog friends and his human friends!) and he runs over to the door excited to go inside. The staff are super nice and friendly and clearly all love the dogs they spend their days with. And the area the dogs play in is nice and spacious and well outfitted. All in all they're awesome!"

Hallie Bianco - Local Guide on Google

"They take great care of dogs here. Our dog has a total blast here when we board him for longer vacations or out-of-town trips. He comes home exhausted from playing. They're efficient with check-in and check-out, always friendly and instill confidence that our pupper is going to be well taken care of."

Mike Walbert - Local Guide on Google

"We take our dog here every year when we go on vacation, and she LOVES to be here! I don't even think she misses us! Ok, well, maybe a little, but the webcam app is great and we get to spy on our furbaby every morning when we wake up. It's almost like being there without having to clean up! LOL Seriously, we love the staff a LOT and they are great with our dog. They even gave her a mani/pedi while she was there and we didn't even ask! How cool is THAT?! Love you Furry Tails!"

Lori Reed - Local Guide on Google

"Lovely place! We’ve tried a few doggy daycares since moving to the Lehigh Valley but since finding A Furry Tail we won’t have to look any further. We had our pup boarded for a few nights and he actually pouted when we got home because he missed it so much! The outdoor play area is huge. I greatly appreciate that they were able to accommodate a suite for our dog on such short notice. Would highly recommend."

Google Review

“I don’t know what we would do without A Furry Tail Come True! It is a lifesaver! Being the owners of a bulldog we had reservations. We took our baby over for a ‘test drive’ and he immediately fell in love – and so did we! It is the perfect solution for us! We couldn’t be happier. They treat our dog with so much respect and love and always put the dog’s needs first! I know he is in very capable and loving hands with everyone! He gets so excited when you mention the word ‘school’ that he can’t get out the door to the car fast enough. The exercise and socialization are priceless and have contributed to the health and disposition of our dog. It is absolutely a dream come true!”

Aspros - Julia Marques

“Well, you guys are a life saver. I work from home, and when you-know-who has too much energy and starts jumping (literally) on my computer, it's time for A Furry Tail Come True! We really appreciate the good care you take of Zoe (and the rest of the crew, including Elvis, who has the BEST BARK (if you can call it that) EVER! So on the TWO minute drive home, before we even got home, Zoe was lying in the front seat with her head on the gear shift in the middle of the two front seats. She was SO TIRED (which is awesome, because she clearly had a blast) and whomever she was playing with (Christmas? Everybody? Anybody?) wore her OUT! Too too funny. Thanks for taking such good care of her!”

Zoey - Beverlee Galstan

"All paws down this is the best dog-gone doggie daycare. I come home exhausted every Wednesday from the ‘RUFF’ day that I had of swimming, fetching and running after the other dogs. I'm short so those big ones have an advantage over me but we all get along, Jess makes sure of that. This place is so clean that I can eat my biscuits off the floor. Did I mention all the attention that I get? Makes me wonder why I should go home? Love you mom 🙂 I dare you to try it for one day. Once you do I know you will be hooked. I must caution you, there is no cure for this pleasure so just lick it up and enjoy."

“Mia (Frenchie)" – Barnes

"From someone who has tried several Doggie Day cares, I can honestly say that A Furry Tail Come True has exceeded all my expectations at a cost point favorable to most. We are most impressed with the sites cleanliness, flexibility, staff compassion & dog health knowledge, not to mention, our Bulldog enters with a great deal of pent up Energy and leaves huffin and puffin! Dogs are taught to respect the people who care for them. A Furry Tail Come True....A win/win in my book."

“Lacey Bulldog” – Mike Sanchez B. Braun Medical Inc


Dogs Must be Social

In order to make sure that your dogs will get along well with the other dogs at our dog day care, we will evaluate them before we accept them. All dogs must be able to socialize throughout the day. They cannot be food or toy possessive.

Dogs Must Play Well With Others

During the evaluation, we will introduce your dog to some of the dogs from our day care to see how they get along. We start with one, and then we add one more. As long as things go well, we’ll add other dogs until we reach the size of an average play group. While your dog is being evaluated, we will give you a tour and have you fill out our standard waiver.


There’s a non refundable $15 evaluation fee per dog. Evaluation times vary between facilities.

Dogs Play Ruff

Please remember that dogs do play using their paws, claws, and teeth. Sometimes your furry friend might come home with nicks and scratches. This is normal in a play environment and nothing to worry about. However, if you feel that this is not acceptable, dog day care may not be a good environment for your dog.