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A Furry Tail Come True

Doggie Daycare


Come join us for some supervised doggie fun!

Your pup will have a blast running around and playing with their friends in our outdoor and indoor climate controlled facility!

All of our outdoor play yards are complete with artificial turf, which not only keeps your dog from going home dirty, but disinfects with our built-in drainage system. We separate our play groups by size, with each of our four large play areas constantly monitored by one of our trained staff.

All groups are monitored by our trained staff members to make sure your dogs play time is fun and safe! Still unsure? See for yourself with our free live webcams!

Full-Day Pricing

Single: $35
Multiple Dogs: $30/Dog*
Discounted Rate: $30**
5 day pass: $170 ($34/day)
10 day pass: $330 ($33/day)
20 day pass: $640 ($32/day)

*Dogs must be in the same household
**Applies to Seniors and First Responders
Passes do not need to be used consecutively, but expire after 90 days.

Half-Day pricing

Single: $29
Discounted rates: $24/Dog*

*Dogs must be in the same household
**Applies to Seniors and First Responders

MON-SAT – 7AM-6:30PM
Sun and Holidays (boarding pick up and drop off only)
7:30-10:30am and 3:30-5:30pm
Ask about our Special Discounts for Households with 3+ Dogs!

For daycare only, please note that dogs who are not picked up on time will be charged $5 for every fifteen minutes late. After one hour, your dog will be considered a boarder and boarding fees along with daycare and late fees will apply.

Please call us if you know you are going to be late. Thank you!


Participate in our Refer a friend program

We evaluate each dog prior to being dropped off, so we can ensure that doggie daycare is in fact the right environment for your dog.

During their evaluation, ask your friend to mention your name to receive a FREE day of daycare for your dog!

**The evaluation is the only time they can mention refer a friend to get your free day.

New to A Furry tail?

Pet Evaluation

In order to make sure that your dogs will get along well with the other dogs at our dog day care, each new dog must pass our required evaluation. During the evaluation, we will introduce your dog to some of the dogs from our day care to see how they get along.  While your dog is being evaluated, we will give you the grand tour and ask you to fill out our standard waiver.

There’s a non refundable $15 evaluation fee per dog.

Please remember that dogs do play using their paws, claws, and teeth. Sometimes your furry friend might come home with nicks and scratches. This is normal in a play environment and nothing to worry about. However, if you feel that this is not acceptable, dog day care may not be a good environment for your dog.

All of our FURiends must have a temperament evaluation before coming to play, so give us a call today to get the ball rollin’!


P: 610-838-6638 | F: 484-851-3773


P: 610-838-6638 | F: 484-851-3773