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A Furry Tail Come True



Let them have a Sleepover!

Here at A Furry Tail, we are proud to offer ALL DAY SOCIAL PLAY for both our boarding and daycare friends. This means no mid day crate time like some other facilities. A Furry Tail only boards social dogs.

At A Furry Tail Come True, your pet will play all day, then snuggle the night away in an overnight suite or crate, your choice. We even do slumber party boarding when we have lots of overnight friends. What’s slumber party boarding you ask? Slumber party boarding is where your pup plays all day, then sleeps out in an open group with his or her friends and a staff member overnight! We throw out some blankets and beds and get all super snuggly! See for yourself by visiting our Nazareth Facebook Page! Slumber parties are usually held June-August and during holidays.

Boarding Rates

This includes all day daycare. A Furry Tail does not charge extra for overnight crates vs suite vs slumber party, its’s all the same price, with no hidden fees.

Regular: $70/night
Double dog: $65/Dog/night*
Senior** & military id: $65/night
frequent daycare***: $65/night
– Ask about our discounted rates for more than 2 dogs per household.

*Dogs must be from the same household
**Applies to Human Seniors 65+
***Dogs who come for daycare 4 days the month of boarding or the month prior to boarding

Boarding Pickup

On the day of pick up, all friends must be picked up by 10:30am, after 10:30 am, depending on the time, full and half day daycare charges will apply.



All of our BOARDING IS DONE AT OUR NAZARETH LOCATION ONLY, Hellertown is daycare only, Monday through Friday. If your pup plays at our Hellertown location, they are already accepted into our Nazareth location and do not need another evaluation. Just send us a Facebook message or email to Nazareth@furrytailcometrue.com and we will walk you through getting onto the app and getting your boarding stay booked.

Miss your pup? Access your dog at all times with our FREE LIVE webcams!

Web cams vary between facilities so please call or stop by either location to get set up. You will also receive this information during your evaluation.

Cameras are accessed by Apps on your Smart Phone.

The Rules

Please review

our boarding rules 

  • We ask that boarding dogs be dropped off no later than 9:30 a.m. on the morning of boarding so they get plenty of social time and are tired when its time for bed.
  • We provide all bedding and bowls so please keep those along with toys at home..
  • Please bring enough food stored in air-tight sealed containers for your dog’s entire stay. You can keep food loose and we can measure, or you can bring in pre measured baggies. If your dog runs out of food, we will automatically use the brand of food we sell, Verus, which is an all-natural brand of dog food. The charge will be added into the boarding fee.
  • You can bring refrigerated or frozen food as well. Whatever your dog eats, we can give.
  • We will also administer any and all meds to your dog FREE OF CHARGE during their stay.

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs who are super playful and run around at a fast speed may develop “turf burn” in the pads of their paws. This may happen to them during their first stay until their delicate little pads become “turf tuff”. We will inform you at pick up if we notice any signs of this.


New to A Furry Tail?

Pet Evaluation

Once you know your dog is up to date with the Rabies, Parvo/Distemper and Bordetella shots and spayed or neutered if over 6 months,  you are ready to set up your evaluation. Send us an email or give us a call nazarethj@afurrytailcometrue.com or 610-365-2280 or hellertown@afurrytailcometrue.com or 610-838-6638 and we will have you come in on a day and time that works for you. During the evaluation, we will have you fill out new client paperwork (or get onto our Gingr app in Nazareth). We will introduce your pup to some friends to make sure that the daycare environment is right for them. We will also show you around, behind the scenes as well as go over how to book for daycare and boarding. It is at this time we will set you up with the webcam app as well.

There’s a non refundable $20 evaluation fee per dog.

Please remember that dogs do play using their paws, claws, and teeth. Sometimes your furry friend might come home with nicks and scratches. This is normal in a play environment and nothing to worry about. However, if you feel that this is not acceptable, dog day care may not be the right environment for your dog.

All of our FURiends MUST have a temperament evaluation before coming to play with us, so give us a call today to get the ball rollin’!


P: 610-838-6638 | hellertown@afurrytailcometrue.com


P: 610-365-2280 | nazareth@afurrytailcometrue.com