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A Furry Tail Come True - Dog Day Care and Boarding | Hellertown, PA A Furry Tail Come True - Dog Day Care and Boarding | Hellertown, PA

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Here at A Furry Tail Come True, we’re proud to offer cage-free dog boarding to all dogs! Cage-free boarding isn’t the same as a kennel. Your dog will get to spend all day playing with new friends, and stay in one of our cage-free doggie suites at night!


Call A Furry Tail Come True at 610-838-6638 (Hellertown location) or 610-365-2280 (Nazareth location) today to schedule an appointment!

Boarding rates (Includes Daycare Costs)

  • Rate per night: $45.00

  • 2+ dogs from the same house: $40.00/night per dog

  • Senior citizens: $40.00

  • Dogs who attend day care 4+ times/month: $40.00/night

We're a cage-free facility with fully turfed fields for your pets to roam without picking up dirt and grime. Call for an appointment today!

610-838-6638 (Hellertown location)

610-365-2280 (Nazareth location)

Boarding pickup

As long as your dog is picked up before 10:30 AM, Monday – Saturday, there is no charge for that day. If your dog is picked up by 1:00 PM, you will be charged for a half day of dog day care. After 1:00 PM, you will be charged for a full day of daycare.


Sunday pickup is between 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM. If your dog is picked up by 10:30 AM on Sunday, there is no charge for that day. After 10:30 AM, Sunday day care fees will be applied.*****Look for our ALL day Sundays starting in May 2018.

Boarding rules - **SUMMER 2018 RULES PLEASE BRING FOOD ONLY**** (and any medications).

  • Boarding dogs must be dropped off no later than 9:30 a.m. on the morning of boarding, so that they can tire themselves out by playing all day before going to sleep at night.

  • You may bring ONE blanket or something comfortable for your dog to sleep on. If you choose not to, we will provide comfy beds and fresh linens. During our busier months, when we do our slumber party boarding, dog food, a leash, and medication if necessary is all that will be accepted at drop off. No blankets, toys, etc. We will provide all of the above for your dog during these times.

  • You may bring ONE toy per boarding dog.

  • Please bring enough food for your dog’s entire stay. If your dog runs out of food, we will automatically use the brand of food we sell, Verus, which is an all-natural brand of dog food. The charge will be added into the boarding fee.

  • ALL food is to be brought in air tight sealed containers with enough food for your dog's entire stay.

At A Furry Tail Come True, your pet will play during the day. We have a quiet doggie suite at night. There is a doggie bedroom with no cage wiring. We also play music. In addition, we offer crates for dogs that are crate-trained.


The dogs are separated at night. Additionally, we offer slumber party boarding. If the sleeping areas are full, the dogs will sleep together with people staying overnight.



There are more exciting options for your pet! We provide grooming even if you don't choose boarding or daycare. There is a large outdoor, fully turfed, play area and a full-sized swimming pool in the Nazareth location. In addition, there is a medium-sized pool in Hellertown. We also have certified dog training.

You can rely on our experience and quality service

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs who are super playful and run around at a fast speed may develop "turf burn" in the pads of their paws. This may happen to them during their first stay until their delicate little pads become "turf tuff". We will inform you at pick up if we notice any signs of this.

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