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A Furry Tail Come True - Dog Day Care and Boarding | Hellertown, PA A Furry Tail Come True - Dog Day Care and Boarding | Hellertown, PA

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About A Furry Tail Come True

A Furry Tail Come True is founded by people who love dogs – a lot! All of our staff members enjoy getting to spend all of their time with fun four-legged friends. As far as we’re concerned, this is our dream job. Seeing wagging tails and hearing happy barks make our day!


We first started A Furry Tail Come True in Hellertown, PA in 2006. Our fun dog day care and cage-free dog boarding was a hit! We had so many happy clients that we decided to open up a second location in Nazareth eight years later. We haven’t looked back since! Get to know us a little better by reading below. We look forward to getting to know you better soon, so make sure you give us a call at 610-838-6638 (Hellertown location) or 610-365-2280 (Nazareth location) today.


Trust our experienced and loving dog day care staff! Most of our staff are Certified Dog Trainers. Call today for more information!


About the Owners:

610-838-6638 (Hellertown location)

610-365-2280 (Nazareth location)

Receive professional

and quality service from our team

Jessica Schwickrath


It was only after graduating college with a degree in Elementary Education that I realized that I was meant to spend my days with dogs.


While substitute teaching, I also had a part time job working at The Center For Animal Health and Welfare, formally the Northampton County SPCA in Easton, PA. At one point in my life, my husband and I took care of eight dogs all living under one roof, for a period of four years.


I knew my love for dogs was strong at that time, but working at the SPCA only made my love grow stronger. I soon became the Canine Manager. I worked at the SPCA for almost two years, learning more than I could have ever hoped for about dog behavior and their overall wellbeing. I loved every minute of my very stressful, yet very rewarding position, and only gave it up to follow my dream of starting my own dog day care.


I look forward to loving up and playing with dogs every day for the rest of my extremely blessed life.


Jessica Schwickrath


A Furry Tail Come True


Anthony Schwickrath


After receiving my Bachelor's Degree from Rutgers University, my wife and I began to fulfill our dream of owning our own dog day care. We have always loved being around dogs. I actually grew up in a dog house! While pursuing my Master's Degree, we began renovating our dog day care facility. Renovations

were painful, but they are coming along great.


I am a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College.  I am also a board member of the Center for Animal Health & Welfare. I am the head trainer at various shelters in PA and NJ as well. I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s).


Anthony Schwickrath, ABCDT

Owner/Operator/Dog Trainer

A Furry Tail Come True

Katie, Hellertown Manager 

Management & Staff:

Lindsey, Nazareth Site Manager

Bobbi Dog Handler

Danielle, Dog Handler

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Zaiah, Shift Leader, Snr. Dog Handler


Taylor, Shift Leader, Groomer

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