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A Furry Tail Come True - Dog Day Care and Boarding | Hellertown, PA A Furry Tail Come True - Dog Day Care and Boarding | Hellertown, PA

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Do you ever feel bad about leaving your dog home alone? Instead of leaving your four-legged friend behind, bring her to our dog day care! We make sure to supervise the dogs all the time to make sure that the play is always fun and safe.


Call A Furry Tail Come True at 610-838-6638 (Hellertown location) or 610-365-2280 (Nazareth location) today to schedule an appointment!

Daily rates

• Full day of day care: $28.00

• Full day of day care, 2+ Dogs, same house: $23.00/dog

• Senior citizens: $23.00 per day


Please note that dogs who are not picked up on time will be charged $5 for every fifteen minutes late. After one hour, your dog will be considered a boarder and boarding fees will apply. Please call us if you know you are going to be late. Thank you!

Refer a friend to receive a FREE day of dog day care today! Your FREE day will be given after your friend's first day of day care!

610-838-6638 (Hellertown location)

610-365-2280 (Nazareth location)

Day care passes

To help you save money, we offer passes for our dog day care! These passes don’t have to be used consecutively, but they do expire 90 days after purchase.


Full day of day care for one dog:

• 5 day pass:  $135.00 ($27.00/day)

• 10 day pass: $260.00 ($26.00/day)

• 20 day pass: $500.00 ($25.00/day)


Full day of day care, 2+ Dogs, same house:

• 5 day pass: $110.00 per dog ($22.00/dog per day)

• 10 day pass: $210.00 per dog ($21.00/dog per day)

• 20 day pass: $400.00 per dog ($20.00/dog per day)

Half day dog day care

We also offer a half day of day care. Half days are considered to be six hours or less. You can purchase passes for half day dog day care, but there are no additional savings.

• 1 dog half day: $20.00

• 2+ dogs half day: $18.00 per dog

• Senior citizens half day: $18.00

At A Furry Tail Come True, we are passionate about dogs. While you're away, your dog can play with other dogs. We have an indoor / outdoor cage-free facility. The dogs will be of similar size and our team will supervise them. The outdoor area has a 6-foot fence, turf, and swimming pool.


Get more information before you enroll your pet at our facility.

We make things easy!


We lay emphasis on group play and group dog boarding, it’s essential that all of the dogs we take meet some essential requirements. Basically, our requirements are twofold: your dog or dogs must be able to get along well with others, and they must meet certain medical requirements. We will conduct an evaluation with all dogs to ensure that they are able to get along well with others.


Please make sure that your dogs meet all medical requirements and that you have filled out all paperwork before bringing them in for an evaluation.


Medical Requirements:


Before we can evaluate your dogs, they MUST be up to date for at least two weeks on all of the following shots:

• Rabies (All dogs and puppies 3 months and older)

• Parvo/Distemper

• Bordetella

• Canine Influenza: This shot is recommended, but not required.


• Please bring an up-to-date shot record from your vet when you bring your dogs to us for their evaluation.


• In addition to being properly immunized, your dogs must also be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age in order to attend dog day care or overnight boarding with us. We also require that your dogs be in good health and free of fleas and ticks.


Paperwork Requirements:


Once you have made sure your dogs are in good health, please bring your dog in for an evaluation.


The Evaluation:


• In order to make sure that your dogs will get along well with the other dogs at our dog day care, we will evaluate them before we accept them. All dogs must be able to socialize throughout the day. They cannot be food or toy aggressive.


• During the evaluation, we will introduce your dog or dogs to some of the dogs from our day care to see how they get along. We start with one, and then we add one more. As long as things go well, we’ll add other dogs until we reach the size of an average play group. While your dog is being evaluated, we’ll ask you to fill out our service contract.


• There is a non refundable $10.00 evaluation fee per dog


• Please remember that dogs do play using their paws, claws, and teeth. Sometimes your furry friend might come home with nicks and scratches. This is normal in a play environment and nothing to worry about. However, if you feel that this is not acceptable, dog day care may not be a good environment for your dog.

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If you are interested in joining our doggy daycare, simply fill out the Dog Profile and Customer Contact forms below and then please call your desired Furry Tail location to set up the evaluation on a day and time that is good for you.